When cruiselines first instituted auto-tipping years ago, I said that service would suffer because many know they are getting their tips anyway. Now, many of the crew that we deal directly with like the cabin steward and our diningroom staff very much deserve the gratuity but the amount should be left for ME to decide! Also, it was more personal back in the day of on the last night, presenting your special crew member with an envelope. On my cruise that I plan and research for, I don't want a crew member to jump through fiery hoops for me but I also don't want a crew member to shake their head and walk away (that has happened to us when requesting an ashtray). I do realize these crew work long hours and contracts with little time off which is why I appreciate those with positive attitudes more (how do they do it?). In my eyes, auto-tipping is an excuse for cruise lines to not have to raise their wages for the crew because the auto-tipping offsets that!!