I just came off a Western Caribbean cruise on Freedom of the Seas last week (June 8-15) and was disappointed to say the least. After 8 cruises with RCCl, 2 with Carnival and 1 on Celebrity, I think I have an objective view as to what one should expect on a cruise package.
The service staff, by and large, was excellent in all regards. They were friendly, professional, caring and competent in their performance. The dining room staff was friendly and very attentive, BUT the main dining room was crowded beyond easy navigation. To enter wasn't TOO bad, but leaving was a nightmare with trying to squeeze out between chairs and diners. It just made for a poor image. The food was adequate but certainly NOT up to the cruise standards one comes to expect. The menu was repetitive and limited. The sirloin I had the first night was VERY tough and not very tasty.
I also missed the midnight dessert and ice carving displays that were always a highlight of every cruise (not this one). Cost cutting is way too evident on this cruise. While I had the late dining assignment, I did not share the same table guests any two nights running. It makes "friend-making" a bit more difficult.
A shore excursion in Jamaica required 3 buses and each was packed to capacity with minimum air conditioning, no speaker system and the hostess talked to the first 3-4 rows of the bus and those of us in the rear 2/3 heard little or nothing of her explanation of the sights and history.
I booked another cruise for next May on board Oasis of the Seas, but if the service, accommodations and general status of the cruise is not markedly improved, I am finished with RCCL.