Checked my bill night before disembarking, all was well. Got statement in am and bill was off $3800. Went to front desk at 6 am and idiot kept charging my card and my sons card trying to fix. Had close to $9000 in holds and charges.  Livid to say the least. I had to disembark at 7:30 am or miss my flight. Manager got involved. Security got involved. Guy kept debiting rather than crediting.  Left ship..began calling Princess at airport, went on for three days BUT upshot was they fixed all the charges and wrote off my balance. Telephone support was terrific but front desk service was abominable!  The manager went to breakfast in the middle of this nightmare leaving the idiot floundering.  News cannot disembark if your bill has anything outstanding, right or wrong, and I had to carry a special card from finance dept mgr saying I was allowed to disembark.


So in spite of customs in Vancouver, rudeness in casino, shreaking teenagers, evacuation at 2am, billing fiasco, none of this ruined my cruise!   Lol I deal with far worse on a regular basis on land so either I'm used to it or frankly my dear, I just don't give a damn anymore.