I like to hit the casino on a ship. I consider losses as cost of vacation entertainment. Wins usually go to the wife. Still, it's entertaining.  However, since an injury at work 2 1/2 years ago, I can no longer lean over a craps table, or sit and play BlackJack or 3 Card Poker for more than 20 min or so.   Regular poker is also out of the question.  So what do I do ?   Well, I've never been much of a slot fan, but I have had some success.  Quite simply, I take a $100 dollar bill, and seek out a machine.  If its a $1 machine, with Max coin 2, that gives me 50 pulls.  So that's wat I do. Max coin in & count to 50.  If it's a quarter machine with Max coin of 4, that offers 100 pulls.  If there is anything left, I cash out.  Usually there is less than $100. Sometimes though, there's more.  Still entertaining, depending on the machine. Also, it's easier to keep track of how much I spend.


I have played video poker, and have done ok, but it takes longer and my sit time starts to diminish rapidly.  And if I stand up, people hover for some reason.