Fellow passengers who cough and sneeze during theater shows

What is your advice when you witness fellow passengers coughing or sneezing (and not taking personal hygiene safety precautions) during the middle of theater Theater Production shows?

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The reason why I brought it up is because it can happen to me occasionally. It can happen when I am exposed to things that I am not on a regular basis as well. Most of the time it will just irritate my eyes and make them water but it can make me cough a little as well and even on rare circumstances make me sneeze. I think some carpets in certain places can hold in irritants and when people walk by and stir them up it can cause irritations. If that were to happen and I were to cough a couple of times into my arms and you went and got me removed from the show because of that I would be quite upset. I am aware that people have to be concerned about their health and I respect your right to be concerned but not sure if someone has to be removed from a theater because they cough or sneeze once or twice.

I take a medication that makes me cough. If you were to have me removed from the theater or other venue for coughing into my elbow or shoulder, I would be highly offended. For you to make the request to have someone removed from a venue because they coughed without a medical degree is just wrong. You can get up and move or leave all together.

I'm presuming from your comment since you take medicine that makes you cough that all passengers take medicine that makes them cough, and no one else has a cough which may/ could infect others. Does this seem logical to you?

Wow, this has taken an ugly turn. In my earlier comment, I was trying to lighten the conversation. Not all who cough are ill as some have mentioned. People suffering from COPD for instance. In the final analysis, you can't control other people or their actions. You can control your reaction and what you do to keep yourself safe. It was pointed out by 2LoveBikes, that one way to stay healthy is to "stay away from as many people as possible." While this is impractical on a cruise ship there are still things one can do to keep themselves at minimum risk. For example; when flying I wear a vogmask (https://www.vogmask.com/?rfsn=3005992.f625cc) to avoid breathing the germs being recirculated on the airplane. It isn't fool proof but seems to help. One could do this for any enclosed gathering of folks, concerts, movies, cruise ship shows, etc. I constantly wash my hands and use the hand sanitizer provided throughout the ship. Or you can simply not go to places where you might encounter people who might have something contagious.

I am sorry if my lighthearted response bothered anyone. I do feel it is my responsibility to keep myself healthy and safe. Just as it is anyone else to do the same for themselves. No, I didn't wear my vogmask on the ship when attending shows, but it was a risk I was willing to take.

Thank you for your reply. I also did not mean to offend anyone and my apologies if I did.

I also take 1000 mg of vitamin C whenever I know I will be around a lot of people, I carry and use antibacterial hand leaner and wash my hands whenever and where ever I can. The purpose of initiating this blog was to find out what advice other cruisers employed so we can all benefit. Since my background is safety I'm always looking for safety tips to learn and pass along to others. Happy cruising to all!

Perhaps carry some face masks with you. Put them on, and offer to those around you and perhaps the offender will take the hint that they shouldn't be there!

We just returned from one of our rare land vackays. (as an aside, need to do that occasionally, to remind us what a pleasure it is to cruise..but I digress) This whole subject can get ugly...people in the far east wear face masks in public all the time, and they don't need to be in the middle of an epidemic either..nobody even blinks..wear one "here", and folks will think you're some sort of whackado.. You deliberately put yourself into a no-win situation when you decide to cruise..or go shopping, or sit in a movie theater, or fly...etc etc.. Some folks are just plain ignorant, others, with the best intentions in the world, might be infectious with gawd knows what and not even know it. I (and she, as a breast cancer survivor), tend to be more aware of risks than most. But you can't wrap yourself in plastic. Its a battle you can't win, or even fight. We do what we can, when we can, but life goes on.


I really like your suggestion! This is what I call thinking out if the box. I may just do that...just in case.

You are correct and thanks for your response.

I know none of us wants to be the Coughing & Sneezing Police as we want to avoid confrontation for those you mention who just dont care or just dont know. I would think that, just as we all attend to the "mandatory safety drills" which also covers emergency evacuations, environmental responsibility and fire some video on our stateroom TV's to be considerate to fellow guests when you are sick..... j

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