By the time I finish this, my fingers will hurt...but I can see where the other thread is going...People see what they want to see...and interpret it accordingly. I don't really expect folks to read the above start to finish, but it explains CCL's requirements, at least until 10/31.

First, and just to clear the air, I think this new testing requirement sucks. I think its insulting to the folks who did whatever they had to do to get the shots in the first place. We also have five booked, but we're going in NOV...if it well and truly sucks, we'll cancel FEB...I posted that already...to those who think that matters to ANY cruise line, think again...

Second...the antigen test IS the so-called rapid test, with results in 15min...the BINEX test is the s/a OTC test you can buy and do yourself. I wouldn't want them to rely on it, or tell me to get it...thats even more insulting than having to get a test where at least the results are reliable. If anyone insists, I'll scrounge up a link, say from the CDC, explaining it all. I've seen it...But then clearly there are folks who don't believe anything THEY say either...

Third, reviewing the above link, CCL even uses a typical SATURDAY departure as an example. You MUST have the results of a test taken either WED or THUR or FRI IN HAND when you board. There are claims that YES, its perfectly fine to require that, and NO its unreasonable. Just so happens our cruise leaves on a SAT after Thanksgiving. Our world is closed on TDAY, and lots of places are closed the FRI after. The day before a cruise is travel day for many folks trying to cruise. There was NO WAY we were heading to the port without those pieces of paper..So yes, it became an exercise in "misinformation"...and the more places I called the worse it got.

Fourth...you can eyeball as many drug chains or local walk-in clinics as you like. MOST (but not all) limit the testing to "certain persons"...and then they define it so they can tell YOU what kind of test you "qualify for. Merely needing a test for travel or employment (and thats mentioned all over) means you get the test that "may" take up to five days. So the test you took on MON or TUES won't count. Not to mention MANY (but not all) require a "referral"....do I really need to explain that???

Fifth if i was still working (perish the thought) and had the kind of job where getting tested "regularly" was a requirement, either my employer would do it on site, or make arrangements with a local provider to do the testing. I suppose if I was working for a tiny mom n pop place, they could tell me to go do it, or else...AND probably have to pay for it myself.

Sixth...after speaking to a local place and realizing that WED prior to the cruise was good, I had a very pleasant visit with the mgr. And i told her the truth...we're going on as cruise...she thought I was nutz, but was too polite to say so..Yes, if you have insurance, including Medicare, they'll bill it. If you dont, they get paid anyway...Apparently SAM pays for these tests regardless, unless the place YOU PICKED (and didn't ask) insists on $$ upfront. She said they have done 100's of both kinds of tests, and have no facility to take $$ or even CC's there anyway. And she said many people have come in to get tested, no ins whatsover, and they always get paid....Which kind of begs the question of just how many tests your ins co (or even Medicare) is willing to pay for..given that the $$ comes from a different source in our Govt...whatever it is. Being cynical, and saving it for last, I called the County Health Dept...yknow the place that handles druggies and such (I thought)...I didn't even know where it was! Turns out is was 10 minutes from the walk in clinic where we'll be tested. Woman there validated and verified everything I had learned in the previous 2 blankety-blank hours I spent doing all this.

Last (thank God) There is no doubt in my mind that alot of people will be showing up under the impression they're just fine. Not everyone has the time or inclination to do what I did. Thats how we managed to get the shots in the first place when it was total chaos and waiting lists. I think the zoo at the pier will get considerably worse. Other folks will read and post "stuff" with no basis in fact. I know what I know, and yes it sucks, and i resent it...but do it, or stay home... People are putting thousands of dollars (not to mention their health) at risk. But thats just fine, unless of course the fickle finger of fate touches you...THEN folks wish they got the damn shot!!!!

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Fascinated by the views on this. What irks me now is that "onboard testing"...(who did it? when?) Apparently the powers that be don't trust their own crew/employees either, no matter what the suits at HQ put out for public consumption. The media says 26 of the 27 who magically tested positive were crew. I have more than a passing interest in this, as should anyone planning a cruise in the next few months, regardless of cruise line.

I think Carnival sux. They lure you into a false sense of security of a fully vaccinated cruise. You book one and then they ram a propeller shaft up your tail making you scrounge for a test. They change protocols, they should do these things at the terminal.Texas is covid rampant, one of the high states, and getting a test is rough. Carnival should of think of this and do something. We USED to love Carnival, been on 24 cruises with them, but this crap they are doing, makes me want to cancel my cruises (would do it, but wife wont, yet). They can stick all their FUN up their propeller shaft. Tests, masks, no bacon, no straws, that aint FUN. Of course there are die hards saying good more FUN for me. Enjoy it ii all I can say.

Ouch. Cancelling a cruise that's only 10 days out.

While I cannot disagree with your current assessment and opinion, I would be hard pressed to cancel that close to sail date. I'm too cheap to do that.

Bumping this more as a public service than anything else. States requirements change, and so do the cruise lines. Worse, the companies you think may be able to provide "the test" clearly have their own local agendas, as I discovered.. If you have the time, AND the inclination, I would respectfully suggest you do your homework..........

Well here we go again....now, they've changed it to TWO days prior to embarcation instead of three, and apparently blaming it on the CDC...there is also the possibility they're going to set up testing stations at their ports or terminals, but this is all "of the moment" stuff so who knows.....

Its on CCL's website if you want to read it yourself...came up on mine "in red".sort of like breaking news I guess.....

AND..a big thanks to DWALKER19 for posting about it....or I, along with gawd knows how many others, wouldn't have known...

Thank you! Again...I am new here and am trying to figure all of this out :) We were supposed to be on a Canada/NE cruise right now but....you know :) So we are at a beach in NC this week and I made so many calls while in the car trying to see what our options were (we are sailing on RC Oasis out of Bayonne on Oct. 17) and I found that our options weren't great and that's how I ended up with the Abbott antigen test we will do via telehealth person. It still doesn't settle my fear of something going wrong (that was a BIG run on sentence :) We were hoping to do the test Thurs and travel to NJ for the weekend before boarding on Sunday but now we need to wait until Friday to do the test. It all makes your head spin BUT so many will show up at the port without doing any homework. Glad I found this site!! So glad to be catching up on all of the insight from you all!

The latest, but not necessarily the "final" post on this is that CCL ISN'T doing "pierside testing"...can't seem to get all the moving parts together I guess.....so you have TWO days to get tested, and, it goes without saying, a "false positive" will get you royally screwed......online is ok, with a proctor...if you have the right phone or pc, and everything works..or...you're back to finding a physical location and getting it back within the alloted time. Folks have reported nightmarish experiences trying to comply. Nuff said...good luck!

Agree! I have been calling everywhere - doctors, urgent care, cvs, wal mart - everywhere....about rapid tests. Very few I can find and urgent care says $189 per person. I found a CVS about 40 miles from our home that will do rapid but I have to schedule on their website but can't schedule until 2 weeks before and you MIGHT get in and might not. I did purchase 2 of the video tests but I am too concerned something will go wrong. You drop it on the floor and they make you throw it away. We only have 2 of them so no room for error. This has been a nightmare. I sure hope everyone is doing their homework. We sail (hopefully) on the Oct. 17th sailing on Oasis :)


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