In June 2013, my family booked a Western Caribbean cruise on Norwegian Cruise Line to be taken 12/13/2014.  I will start by saying I did not purchase the trip cancellation insurance because of course I did not think anything would keep us from going.  It was to be myself, my husband and my daughter, son-in-law and 6 yr old granddaughter.  They had never cruised before (we have 3 other times). We both booked mini-suite balcony rooms.  This is all we talked and thought about for a year and a half.  In November 2014 my husband had a total hip replacement with no complications until December 3 when he developed a fever which turned out to be a massive infection in the joint.  On December 5 he was back in the hospital having emergency surgery to clean out the joint.  On December 10 I called NCL to let them know we were going to be unable to make this cruise.  Their response was unbelievable.  They first told me I would be losing my entire fare ($2000+) and then asked me if I would like to re-book.  I told them I did not know when at this point.  I was under the impression I could use the money they already had to book at another time. would be for a brand new fee!  I explained that the doctor had faxed a letter indicating the problem to which guest services asked for the fax number (the one THEY gave to the doctor's office) and proceeded to tell me they did not know where that fax number went to and that they hadn't received it.  They told me they could not do anything for me, it didn't matter why we were cancelling.  Again asked me if I wanted to rebook.  I was extremely disappointed.  Of course, it's my fault that I didn't purchase the trip insurance and believe me, in the future I will on any trip I take.  My main complaint is that my daughter and her family went ahead on the cruise and said that the cabin we purchased was of course, occupied by someone else.  I realize that it was probably an upgrade by someone already on the cruise but the fact is, NCL doesn't care about people!  They are making lots of money off people like me.  People who have a streak of bad luck.  I will NEVER go on their cruise line.  I will NEVER recommend them to anyone.  The ironic thing, at breakfast this morning I received a call from a solicitor at NCL asking me when I wanted to plan my next cruise!  Unbelievable!!!  Lesson:  buy your trip insurance no matter what!