Because of some $^&* &#@ at the next table?  squawling brat throwing a tantrum?? drunk, loud, boorish adult? anything I leave out?...we have, and I'll do it again.... you just paid a bundle to enjoy the ambiance...and besides, you'll never see them again anyway....unless of course, the offender is in your family...then, you're stuck ….PS...once upon a time it didn't look like there was any available table to move to...we arrived too late and it was crowded...got up and left, and went to the restaurant part of the Noodle Bar...had a GREAT meal, I ordered 3 different main courses, and the couple next to us was from the next county!!!! forgot all about the yahoos we left behind....never saw them again, and 3-4 days left on the cruise....LESSON: YOU decide how much nonsense you intend to put up with from peeps who don't know how to interact in social situations...especially when YOU'RE paying for it.......no you cant "fix" them...but you sure can get far away, and leave them to themselves...

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Yes we have changed tables! Before YTD (Your Time Dining), we asked for a table not a booth. Our reason was that the sequins on my gowns did not slide and we really liked a table. First night, sure enough we got a booth and fellow table mates that liked to be late. So we asked the Matre'D to move us to a table, which he did. This time the table mates ignored us completely and so we asked one more time. We were put into a group (with their permission) of 30 folks from Canada that came down to Miami for their annual run for a health group. We had a wonderful time. It never hurts to ask to be reassigned to a different table. With YTD, we can ask to be seated just the two of us (or however many in our group) or to sit with others if we are feeling adventurous.

I can honestly say that we have been fortunate enough to not have had that kind of experience therefore have not had to go through moving.

Yes we did to get to seat with our friends whom we cruised with.

On a number of occasions back when the only choice was traditional dining we sort of regretted being seated, evening after evening for three weeks plus, with some of those at our table who almost always felt compelled to espouse their political beliefs which I judged deplorable. But then, we persevered and stuck it out. One problem is that if the tables are too close together those seated at the adjacent table might as well be your dinner mates. On HAL they used to have a pretty nice special restaurant where you could always get a table for two, unfortunately the tables were very close together. One time in that restaurant a guy was with another couple and he yapped the entire time about his political prowess; he felt he could run for president of the US and win, no joke, we had to listen to that tripe our entire meal. On one occasion, during lunch in the MDR, we witnessed the worst of the worst and it wasn't due politics. That involved a fellow in poor health who had bloody patches on his arms who was seated at our table and preceded to outline the details of his maladies.

So, with the advent of any-time dining, that eliminated a lot of the frustration potential. In addition, we always try hard to get a table for two. If we are not successful at that we go to a specialty or the buffet. One time, the MDR on one cruise was grossly understaffed both with the wait staff and kitchen staff. So we ate only two meals in the MDR the entire cruise.

We have asked to be reseated. Years ago we were seated at a table for 10. One person decided it was his duty to tell all us ugly Americans just were we are wrong on everything. I listened for two days and refused to be drawn into the conversation which irritated him even more. We asked to move and by the third night he had the table for 10 all to himself and his wife.

Fascinating.....when we first started cruising we determined after the second one we would rather dine with each other at a table for two. Occassionally we have been asked if we would consider "rounding out" a table for ten...we politely said NO...that silliness stopped after a number of cruises....hmmmmm. one of the unwritten perks?

On the Vista our server was not good, did not know what was in food saying "taste it, if you do not like it, do not eat it" We had out table changed. On the Song Of America we were put at a table for 6, the other 4 were family and did not speak English at the table other than to order, we had our table changed. Before we did that my friend and I started a fake conversation in "bla bla bla's" It pissed them off as we made sure to do it every time they started to talk. I think they got the point.

We change on every cruise if we are not at a table for 8 or 10. We go to meet other cruisers, so a large table it is.

Gotta hand it to you for that...we much prefer eating by ourselves....the few times we had a large table, it didn't do much for us...a lot of fake small talk....on the other hand, if you DO manage to meet another couple or two that you manage to really hit it off with, so much the better...I kinda like the hot tubs/cold fluids combo myself.....

Good for you. Meals are one of the main, overriding reasons folks cruise. I wont stand for them being ruined by....well...whatever I can actually control....removing yourself from a ridiculous situation is a valid, quick fix, then forget it and back to hedo, etc.....not doing so makes it your fault...


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