When terms are strewn about casually, I go looking for clarity in the form of non-self-serving definition. The term eco-cruising is one of those terms. It is especially popular in areas where the environment is considered especially sensitive or where people who actually live conscientious might be interested in cruising but do not wish to harm the environment in the process (e.g., Alaska, Galapagos, Antarctica, rain forests). Well, after a general search I came to find there is not an easily locatable objective definition of "green cruising" or "eco cruising". It seems even wikipedia is at a loss (oh my! Who'da thunk that possible!) Though I will admit it may be a matter of proper form, wiki is usually good about suggesting options - and there were none! Eco-cruising can be taken in many ways - low environmental impact cruising or cruising to ecologically sensitive areas - being among them. What say you?

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