BAK1061 made this comment in a separate thread, "I have seen couples at dinner tables, each pecking away at their phones. Totally oblivious to their surroundings". This got me to thinking about how interpersonal technology is changing the cruise experience. 

Cruise lines keep improving their technology so that more and more people can stay connected. At first I thought this was great because I could get away from the office but still stay on top of critical projects. I used my minutes for email up/downloads.  Now it seems that people are at the point that they cannot put their mobile devices down for dinner... and I find that terribly sad. If we end up at a table with people who are endlessly texting, I'm heading to the maitre d' for a table change. We enjoy good dinner conversation... not looking at the backside of someone else's iPhone.

Do you feel that personal technology is beginning to degrade the cruise experience?