If I am to go by your review, I really do not feel that giving it 1 star was fair. Not to pick apart your experience, but some of the issues look as though you just "let it go". For instance, you stated your waiter was rude. How? Did you complain to the Maitre'd about the rude service? That's what they are there for. You stated that the staff in the kids camp was rude as well. What happened? Did you complain to Guest Services? When you didn't get your free promotional drink, did you complain to anyone? My biggest issue with your review is half of the review centers around the $25 OBC you didn't receive FROM YOUR AGENT. Was this an agent promotion they offered you or an RCCL promo? Did you confirm the OBC while onboard? You get OBC credited to your onboard account while sailing and it will be indicated on your cabin statement. Not when you get home (once you disembark, your paid in full with all credits already deducted from your onboard account). If you are basing half of your review on the OBC you didn't get, that is not fair to the cruise line. Again, I am not trying to pick apart your less than favorable cruise experience but if I was to go by just what you stated in your review, at least half of the review (the OBC's) should have no bearing on your cruise (star) score.