what do you carry  " just in case " ?


I mentioned once before an emergency tooth repair kit .  But I was going through my bag and I found a couple of other items.  WoundSeal powder.   Stops bleeding instantly.         BuzzAway extreme, deet free insect repellent wipes.        Plastic wedges, because many of those MDR tables wobble a bit.          Sample or trial size spf moisturizers.  You may be outside longer than expected.         Hand sanitizer ( washy washy ).        Some sneaky cash, hidden in a pill vial or something.         A few feet of duct tape, wrapped around an old plastic card.        A couple of zipper pulls made out of paracord.  2-3 feet each.   These have come in handy, and are easy to make. ( see photo ).           I'm sure there are others.   Feel free to add them.