My husband and I sailed on the Fascination last summer. We purchased Faster to the Fun and it was FANTASTIC! We are sailing on the Sunshine in 99 days. Unfortunately, Faster to the Fun was SOLD OUT! I called the 800 number, and the lady told me to keep an eye out, that someone may have to cancel that has purchased Faster to the Fun and one could become available. My question is, anyone who hasn't purchased that option, what time do you suggest getting to the terminal so you aren't hundreds of people deep in line? Also, when debarking, did you self-assist? How quickly did you get off the boat? You are grouped differently according to what deck you are on, correct? Last year, I don't remember Faster to the Fun getting us off the ship any faster. We were self-assist and on a higher deck, so we were off the boat within maybe thirty minutes of waking up, eating, and going to our station. This year we are on the lido deck. Feedback is greatly appreciated!