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Do you buy the drink packages that the lines are selling or do you pay as you go? If you do buy a package do you think it is worth it?

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There have been various post regarding this topic before.

I want to buy a drink package next cruise so I will be interested in the response.

We decided to try it out on Carnival since the maximum price of a drink was raised. We found it convenient but lost money on the deal. Carnival made about $130 off of us, but I am a very light drinker even on a cruise, it is worth trying it out to see if it works for you. If it were up to only me and not the DH, I would buy it for the convenience of not thinking about the final bill and to have things all paid for before boarding. I also liked the ability to order a different wine at dinner than my DH. I still will be able to, but it isn't as convenient if he has a bottle already on the table.

My hsuband and I have cruised both with and without the drink package. By far, purchasing the drink package is more cost effective or us especially since a) Carnival increased the price for what drinks are included and b) it includes specialty coffees, milkshakes, sodas, etc. We spend much more than the $50 per day when we don't get it. It really just depends on what makes sense for you. We always drink more on vacation than at home. It works for us.

Liquor packages are oft discussed. We have looked hard at the "Princess All-Inclusive Beverage Package". Princess doesn't try and soak everybody in the cabin for their liquor package, however, they did try to do that at first but changed; some lines won't let one in the cabin have a package unless all do. With them only one need to buy the package, but no sharing, exception, sharing allowed for a bottle of wine in the dining room or bar. Trouble we have is that even at $57.45 for one of us it doesn't pencil. If they required us both to buy the package at a total of $114.90 per day it would be ridiculous.

The deal breakers for us are that the 40% discount on a bottle of wine is relegated to bars and the dining rooms, you do not receive this discount when ordering a bottle of wine from room service for consumption in your cabin or balcony. All your drinking using the package must be in public venues. I guess you can take the bottle of wine from the dining room to your cabin, we do that all the time but I'm not certain how that would play out if we paid for the wine using the package. You are relegated to purchase drinks with a maximum menu price of $10.00 or less (On HAL it is $7.00 or less). I'm told that if you order a drink that cost more you can not pay the difference, you must pay the full cost and not use your package. That really would put a crimp in my ordering an exceptional glass of wine to enhance our dining experience or when I visit the Princess Vines Bar.

We are both elites and both drink a little. We do like to drink before dinner and during sail away time in our cabin and on our balcony. I'm a vino nut and wife likes cocktails and shares my wine in the dining rooms sometimes. We get a free mini-bar setup per segment to start with as elites. On a two week cruise, if we averaged a bottle of wine a day total in the dining rooms including that brought to our cabin by room service, it would amount to about $500 (A bottle a day is high as we don't drink that much wine). Plus, if we bought two bottles of the ship's whiskey or whatever on the voyage that would be another $100.00 (Approx.). As elites we get half off of all special cocktails served throughout the cruise in the elite lounge each evening before dinner, so if we went every night, add another $150.00. That would be about a $800.00 max total booze bill. What little soda and beer we might drink we get free in the mini-bar setup and we don't do the fancy coffee bit.

A liquor package for just one of us would be about the same, $800.00. A lot of which is of no use to us, as we would have to pay full price for wine and other liquor for consumption in the cabin plus, if we had cocktails, only one would get the free one, the other would pay full price. Roughly figuring we would be about $200.00 to $300.00 ahead to not purchase the package for even one of us.

Being that I'm not a heavy drinker, I try and stay away from soda and I quit Caffeine the drink package is just not cost effective for my 2 or 3 drinks a night at dinner and during a show.

I know if I'd have the package I'd be sure to get my moneys worth and that would be a lot of drinking and a lot of extra calories that I don't need. A case of water in my cabin and I'm good for the week.

I don't buy the package, don't drink enough to justify the cost.

I tend to drink a bit heavier than normal on a cruise, so I usually get the package.

(This is not to say that I get falling down drunk, but just keep a good buzz with about a drink an hour.)

Yea, while I do like to have my cold beer and of course we do the wine tasting thing often. I believe the package may be good for us.

On the last three cruises, we looked at our bills and we spent about 100.00 each for booze per day.

That includes special drinks at 15.00 each--- special wine at 40.00 buck for dinner, so the package will be worth It for us. Especially if it is given as perk upon booking.

Depends on your habits and intents on the cruise. Some people like the constant buzz of alcohol while others don't want to feel that way. For us we took a case of water (sealed, taped shut) so that we would be hydrated in the 80 degree weather and on excursions where the drink package does not reach.

With all the great food, I did not want the extra drink calories or filling feeling. I was very happy to pay for the occasional drink and my spouse had a nightly nightcap or two. Came out much less than the package.

We do not usually have a drink package, but on our upcoming cruise it was offered as a perk. Not exactly free, but the cost was substantially less than we would otherwise have paid. In fact we also got gratuities included and the cost was only $10 per day over the gratuity cost. At that price it was a no brainer!

We will see how we get along with it. We usually take OBC if a perk is offered and use that to buy the few drinks we have on a port intensive cruise.


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