1) DON'T ask   " why didn't the steward pick up the towels from the floor last nite ?"

2) DON'T stand in the kitchen holding a plate waiting for service

3) DON'T  decorate your front door with cruise related items.  The condo committee might object.

4)  DON'T  keep looking out your window expecting to see an island.   It only deepens the depression.

5) DON'T bother dialing 00 expecting to order room service.  You'll be waiting for quite some time.

6) DON'T worry about that funny feeling in your legs, and the fact you keep bumping into walls.  Everything will right itself shortly.

7) DON'T do your own life boat drill.  It's a waste of time, and, people look at you funny.


if you must, and if you bought the book, feel free to make your own towel animals. It will pass the time til your next cruise. Also, next time around, you can freak out you steward by leaving him/ her a towel animal on your bed.  Wink