ok, I know it's tough.  It's hot, the kids are home, and many people are looking forward to a cruise in the cooler months. That being said, the boards are getting a little dull.  I know I haven't been posting much, but truth is, I have nothing booked and I can't even consider anything til I have some surgery, which may be sometime in September.  Then some recovery time, possibly more surgery on my knee, and then, maybe, I can look at a cruise.  I was hoping to do a super bowl cruise because my Chiefs look good this year and may have a viable shot.   Stupid Bengals......if they don't fumble, and then implode......Pittsburgh goes home, Cincy goes into New England, and my Chiefs go to Denver for a division playoff game.   Things may have been different last year but for those STUPID BUNGALS.  

So as I look at cruises I know I won't be on, unless there is an amazing price drop, I offer this to my Forum Friends......stay cool, hydrate, protect yourselves from Zika ( or whatever the Republicans are telling us to watch out for, while blaming the Democrats for its spread ) and enjoy the summer.   And remember, as the Polar Cap melts,the islands we all know and love will shrink or disappear.  So, enjoy them now.