Do you have experience with travel insurance? I need some feedback.

Have you had to file a travel insurance claim? If so…

Can you share an example of how it helped you in your situation? Why did you have to file a claim? What was the process like? Would you recommend travel insurance for those going on a cruise?

Also, have you ever encountered a situation where you needed travel insurance but didn’t have it?

What was the result, and what would have been different if you did have insurance?

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We purchased travel insurance through Royal Caribbean for our Royal Caribbean Cruise in Nov 2018. Almost ALL of our party slipped on the pool deck of Empress of the Seas at one point or another. I ended up with a torn ACL and MCL. This injury will eventually necessitate surgery. The initial upfront costs could have been extraordinary (I was seen in the medical unit onboard, had Xrays taken, prescribed medication). All this was covered without a single penny from me; no questions asked (I couldn't tell if it was a result of having the insurance, or they were scared about the liability), but they said it was because of the insurance.

I cannot speak to the claims process since I don't need to file one through my insurance provider. Nor can I speak to the need to file a claim due to cancellation of excursions or itinerary, since I sucked it up and hobbled on crutches (provided by the cruiseline) for the remainder of the cruise.

I will ALWAYS be purchasing insurance through the cruiseline for this reason. (In Nov 2018 it cost us: $88 for 8 nights, for 2 people).

We use travel insurance, the first time we purchased it, my mom passed away the night before we were to leave to travel to the port. They paid off in less than a week. Strongly advise getting the insurance

Get it! I needed it on one cruise over Christmas break.

I was working with kids at the time as an Early Childhood teacher, and they're known for getting everything that comes down the gutter....including sinus infections, which I am chronically prone to.

About a month before the cruise, I started to feel like I had a sinus infection. I went to the doctor and told them about my suspicion, but I was told I had a Sinus Irritation and was prescribed a strong dose of Allegra. I would told that I would be better within 3-5 days. I was, but not for long.

The following week, I went on my cruise. 5 days into a 10 day cruise, I am laying in bed, too weak to get up, and dehydrated. When I finally mustered up the strength to go to the Infirmary, my original suspicion was confirmed with one 5 min. checkup: I had a Sinus Infection! I was immediately prescribed amoxicillin, and was told that I would be better within a week, but I would start to feel better within 3 days. They were right!

Thankfully, we had Traveler's Insurance, or we would have been up the creek without a paddle!

This last was 22. always bought it cept once. way back when, resented spending a few hundred extra......felt weird the whole cruise. ..hard to explain..need it one time and not have it, you lost THAT gamble over what it costs x the number of cruises you took. some countries will let you sit in the ambulance unless you can guarantee the med services ashore. Not even considering how far in advance some folks book a cruise, and how far in advance different lines require it be paid in happens..And I wonder just how many folks actually understand what their med plan pays, outside of US waters. Something?? Nothing?? If you're a frequent cruiser, theres all kinds of websites analyzing cost/claims services. You "may" find a better deal...but "travel insurance" is far and away the most expensive short term insurance one can buy..we purchase the insurance offered by the cruiseline. NOTE...THEY aren't in the insurance biz, so don't expect them to intervene or go to bat for you....those policies are underwritten by actual insurance co's who PAY the cruiselines (translation: a kickback) in exchange for earning millions of $$ in profits when they get permission to let you merely click a box when you (or your TA) books a cruise. Asking a cruiseline rep or TA EXACTLY "what happens if" is, well, a waste of time.. The terms of that policy (y'know, the ones you DIDN'T read) will determine what gets paid, and how much..Cruise line "infirmaries" can be incredibly expensive. whole epics are written about that. You need it, its there, but caveat emptor.

Sorry about the rant, but its just one of those "hidden costs" very few people understand, and how easy it is to click a box at the end to buy it. Or skip it.

You all just talked me RIGHT into buying some travelers insurance! I had been debating on it, and we have been on many cruises without it. But the older we get, the more I worry! I see the "emergency evacuations" by helicopter, and THAT'S what scares me the most! The PRICE of that! We could go bankrupt just from that! So again, THANKS everyone! I feel better ALREADY! :) It's 8 days away!

Its all good VACAY..just out of curiosity, and completely OT, you said your cruise is 8 days away, but your countdown clock is 372 days till next cruise???


Its all good VACAY..just out of curiosity, and completely OT, you said your cruise is 8 days away, but your countdown clock is 372 days till next cruise???


We do have one in 371 days, I am fairly "new" to the forum, I "added" our cruises on the profile, I'll check again. We are going out of Mobile on the Fantasy om 11/30/19, and out of Galveston next year on the Freedom. HOPEFULLY we can get another squeezed in before then! I went with "Insure my trip", for the insurance, very reasonable, hope and pray we won't need it!! I went in and "deleted" the 371 day away cruise, thinking it would "show" this one coming up. IDK if it will. The profile shows all of our past cruises and it did show both of the upcoming ones.

Beats me how those things work...I sign up for one at a time, and when some one replies, theres supposed to be a email notification of it. Stopped working and no one can figure out why..

The one thing with insurance is there are actually 2 different types which many policies combine in coverage. There is the cancellation aspect and then there is the medical aspect. In our case, because I am still employed (at least for 2 more years ) and have a very good and comprehensive medical package courtesy of my employer I do not need that aspect of it. This just leaves the cancellation portion and the price they want for that one alone in my opinion does not float very well (yep pun always intended). However in a few years once I retire ... well then I will definitely need to be looking into a travel insurance plan.

I buy it for all my vacations especially when flying out during the winter months. Flying out of New York from November - March is a hit or miss with the snow.

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