So on one of my creeping through the boards and looking at some old and new topics mood, I notices that there are so many varied opinions and preferences on length of cruise to book.


Now personally, I think that even a 7 day is even too short, but it's my go to length given work and time off that I can take. It gives me the opportunity (if budget also is there) to do 2 cruises a year. I am keeping an eye on some longer cruises, but I only get 2 weeks off in a year.


I'm curious with some folks that have numerous cruises booked in a year and some massive re-positioning to boot that where does the time and money come from?? Of course there is probably a perfectly fine explanation like possibly part time work or retirement, but wouldn't mind hashing out the question of... Do you go for one nice long cruise in one shot, or do you try and go for a few shorter cruises? 


I long for the day I can just pick up and take any cruise I desire, but unfortunately a girl has gotta workCrying 

Do you put all your eggs in one basket, or do you spread them out?


And GO!