Film is not dead !!!!!!

I almost always bring some type of film camera, just for fun.  One cruise, I handed out several cameras to our friends(  same kind ), each with a different type of film.   It was fun seeing what each couple took pictures of.  

Sometimes I bring a tele zoom camera that crops for panoramic images.  Other times I have carried a camera that has 9 lenses, each fires simultaneously.  You end up with 9 slightly different views of the same thing.    Of course there are the readily available underwater single use cameras.

Im sure many of you only use your cell phone cameras, but if you check out you can find some pretty cool cameras that are fun on a cruise.

I actually gave one to our steward one time.  It was a fisheye lens camera that I didn't want anymore.  He was ecstatic.  I even left him a roll of film.