I have been on 5 Disney Cruises so far and will be Celebrating our 25th Anniversary next year on another Disney cruise. I have also been on a Carnival and Royal Caribbean cruise and I must say, every experience we had we would compare to DCL and hands down, DCL is tops.

Now to comment on your experiences. Every cruise ship has lines of people waiting to use the elevators at peak times. Would giant handicap and baby carriage signs be posted on the doors to some number of elevators at each bank. How many? Should we reserve 20 or 30% just for their use? Perhaps a staff member could monitor people entering the elevators and give fines to those that use the wrong elevator. Perhaps they don't get to go back for seconds at the buffet?

With the "language barrier" you describe, perhaps DCL should make english the official language and expect all passengers and crew only use the English language. If an Australian, Irish, or even a southerner from the deep south were to speak english with a heavy accent, should they be penalized? I know you were so inconvenienced by hearing ships instructions in other languages, perhaps they should segregate the ship, put all non English speakers on separate decks so that nobody is exposed to a different language. Have them use a different muster station also, don't want any confusion.

I'm sure that if you were travel on a cruise ship based out of a non english speaking country, you would be more than happy to either not comprehend the muster instructions, or if offered in english, to travel the furthest point of the ship, on possibly the lowest deck. If that's what you want DCL to do, then its ok for, lets say an all Italian cruise to to do that to you.

In the real world, common sense and courtesy goes a long way. Some people will wait and allow those who cant use the stairs to go first, while others dont care and only think of themselves. Expecting exclusivity of english being spoken on a ship where probably 80% of the crew speaks a primary language other than english is being selfish. Cruise ships are open to all nationalities, religions, and lifestyles. If you have an issue with this, perhaps being on a cruise ship isn't best for you.