I hadn't been on a cruise for years and never with the Princess Line, however, Patagonia was the only way to properly see this region of South America. In general, Star Princess is a great boat with very attentive staff. Others onboard, who cruise more often, however, complained about the quality of service deteriorating, in particular since Carnival now owns Princess. A number of issues stand out for me that others have voiced. The first, and it's a small one, but an important one is the "nickel & dime-ing" that goes on onboard. No bottled water is provided free of charge.Your cabin has a refrigerator, but it is empty. There is a minimum charge for bottled water of $ 2.50 US a pop - which is almost criminal. When tendering off, travellers are not allowed to take any food or drink, but they would sell you water. Some of these excursions are 3-4 hours and many are elderly. It seemed to me unsafe to send passengers ashore without even a complimentary bottle of water - cheap, in fact. The second bug bear is the tipping regimen. Princess automatically charges you, without your knowledge, $ 12.50 US per day towards tipping their crew. This is detestable. In addition, any drinks you buy on board are subject to an additional tip - gouging comes to mind. Passengers have paid a very decent price. I will also add that the art gallery, sale and auction is shameful. Most of the garish 'art' onboard is reproduction and cheesey and does not fit with the high standard Princess says it exemplifies. I also found some of the entertainment, especially that put on by the onboard Show Time cast also trite and predictable.