At this moment I am in the Allure of the seas. The same boat I traveled 3 years ago. I am very disappointed, in this opportunity, my first experience was to ask 4 times to the person who was serving me my salad that gives me more mozzarella cheese and even then, I only get 5 balls, I clarify that I am not obese, nor opted For going on a cruise to eat nonstop. Then my cabin was dirty, no ventilation and with the mattress overdue, luckily came a supervisor and moved us for a slightly better mattress. In the bathroom there were only a few soaps, only if the passenger asks, they can give you shampoo, conditioner or shower gel, our cabin attendant told us that they had changed the policy to reduce expenses. In my previous trips have always received me with a gift in the room for being a gold member, that does not exist anymore. And the most incredible thing is that at this moment is starting Christmas and there has not been a single celebration, not even at dinner. On my previous trip I felt treated like a first class passenger, now we have paid much more expensive, of course this is because it is a special date, and the service is 5 times lower. The exception is the restaurant where we are perfectly catered for. If I could choose, I would ask for my money back and I would return home