Did you ever post a review, and realize that maybe you were either too harsh, or too nice ?

I recently looked at my review of the Splendor ( Carnival ) from October 2014 and realized I was probably too kind.  I gave it 4 stars, and probably should have given it no more than 3.   When I think back, the food was okay.  Just okay.  Except for the steakhouse which is always good.  The thallosotherapy spa was dirty. Locker room was dark and smelled bad. The ledge over the pool hadn't been dusted in forever.  Dustcicles were quite impressive.    The elevator for the spa cabins, which we had, didn't work all week.  

'We took it all in stride, and since it was only a 5 day cruise, we still had a good time.   We also met one of the former Funville posters onboard for lunch.


Have you ever posted a review you wish you could redo ?