Dictator cruises

I have been reading all the things you have to do getting on a cruise ship and what you have to do when you do get on. Have to do this, cannot do that. Carnival FREEDOM no more. Who is going to enforce all this? security on all the cruises we have been on was spotty. Been on lots of cruises and enjoy the freedom of doing your thing, if the ships are dictator ships, I will take my cruise money and buy a motorhome. Sad, but we had great post covid memories

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Yeah it doesn't sound real exciting does it? That is definitely one thing we took for granted on cruising. The ability to roam around wherever you wanted for the most part, eat like kings and queens, and not worry about sitting or standing close to other people. Part of the reason we love cruising is to meet people from all cultures, go dancing, and just have a great time. When you dance in this scenario, do you have to wear a mask and stay 6 feet apart? It hurts my brain to think of all of the scenarios we would have to adjust to fit into the new cruising framework. I'm hoping that people get vaccinated and cruising can go back to normal in a couple of years.

I will say a Motorhome does sound enticing :)

Yeah.. I keep reading all the things you can and can't do on a cruise now, and I can't think of cruising as a vacation anymore with all these restrictions. Thank goodness I have a seasonal campsite., no cruising in my future until they ease up on the restrictions.

Ouch...... dictator ships sounds kind of harsh. Do you think the cruise lines WANT to do all this? No, it's the govt telling them they must do these things if they want to sail again with paying customers.

Granted, the cruise lines shot themselves in the foot early on in this pandemic. They could have been more proactive in response to the original outbreak instead of dragging their feet. But in their defense, they were just as clueless as the rest of us as to just what the virus was capable of doing. Now they have to deal with negative public perception and unprecedented government regulation & oversight.

I agree, it's going to feel a bit more restricted for the next few years. Perhaps the cruise lines should throw in the towel and say cruises won't start back up until the pandemic is declared to be over and we can all go back to enjoying cruises the way they were (if that's even possible anymore). But I'm sure none of them would be able to do that without potentially facing bankruptcy. I'm of the opinion one or more of them will go BK if they can't sail for the rest of this year.

I admit I'll feel very weird laying around the pool wearing a face mask if necessary. But I don't blame the lines for doing what is necessary in order to survive. Remember, they're not the ones calling the shots.

Sadly, for the immediate future, it may come down to these kind of choices. Then again, we won’t know until it happens and we try it. We are hopeful that cruising will eventually return to the way we enjoyed it most!

True but this whole mess has to be sorted out first, which is gonna take a while yet.

Next one is 11/27/21,,,it sails we're on it...masks, armor plate, gal of hand sanitizer,,,what ever it takes..were going...but, then we've got 4 more booked for 22 and early 23...so yes, there's gonna be some decision making along the way. Not throwing good $$ after bad... hopefully, some of the restrictions will ease up as time passes, but we're going to experience it for ourselves. I seriously doubt it will EVER be as we once knew it...

And ABLEMAN...I had a big ol response to yours about the financial voodoo the cruise lines have to do to keep the wolves errr,,,,sharks away. and the potential involvement of our fearless leaders...didn't agree with all of it,,It got eaten...seems to happen more and more to me lately, especially later in the day...hmmmm....no matter, you're doing fine...saves me a lot of two-finger banging...

Who knows what the regulations will be when things start up again. What you've been reading is pure speculation. Speculation is pointless to do until the cruise line actually comes out with all the regulations they will have in place, then it's up to you to make the decision on whether or not you want to cruise.

I'm too mule headed to give up on cruising based on what I read or what someone else may or may not decide to do. If they sail in NOV, we'll be on it...and see how "tolerable" it is. Having said that, spending several thousand per cruise and simply "tolerate" the experience, well, that doesn't work either. I've already got it in my head that "the old days" are over.

I agree CQ, speculation is fine for "here"..we shall see how it plays out in the real world..... based on "onboard experiences"...ours....

I cannot say that I don't care because I do but one way or the other I plan to be cruising again in the very near future. Whatever it takes to get back on a ship.

Agree with Yankee and OGW.

Whatever I have to do to get back on the water is exactly what I will do.

I'm so desperate to get back on the water, I contacted a High School friend, who is a Chief Petty Officer with a Air Group assigned to the USS Gerald R. Ford, to see if he can get me on a Tiger Cruise. LMAO


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