I have noticed a disturbing trend of posters stating, in response to new-comers to the forum, that they "will become addicted to cruising".

We all know that addictions can be debilitating, and the government has set aside billions of dollars to study various addictions. I think the government should be aware of this latest debilitating disease.

First and foremost, since addictions are a medical problem (as opposed to only being in the mind), I think the government should force employers to provide an extra 4 weeks of paid vacation time to those of us suffering from this dilemma. This would allow us to provide the medically required therapy needed for us to continue at our top potential.

Additionally, I believe that the FDA and CDC need to perform an in-depth study of the effects of cruising by providing cruises to test subjects in an effort to study the side-effects. (I volunteer to be on this study).

Lastly, since we all know that cruising does increase the performance potential of most involved, I demand that the government provide each and every citizen of the earth at least 4 cruises per year upon request.


Anybody care to sign my petition? Big Smile


(Good Monday Morning to All!)