So If you read my other posts, I just got off the Allure last week and have been feverishly looking for another one. (Yes I have the cruise addict bug!) I have one more week of vacation before the new year, so I think, why not book another cruise?! I'm looking at generally September through December given work demands. Oh and of course, Caribbean!

I'm stalking cruises and waiting for some drops (because of course it needs to be affordable). I'm lost on a few options. 1) Length of time. The 5 days are a bit more inexpensive than a 7 day... to the point where I could even do a balcony if need be. But I know a 7 day I can enjoy and relax more than the fast paced, rowdier crowd of a 5 day. 2) Cruise lines. I'm exploring branching out of my comfort zone and loyalty to Royal right now, although my bf is a bit skeptical. I'm on the cusp of moving from gold to platinum with Royal, and the way I am, I just want to get it and breath... but some Carnival cruises are going down, and its hard to ignore. 


I know the choice is always mine, but I'm always open to feedback of veteran cruisers. What are your thoughts about length of time and trying a new line? I have thought of every combo.. 7 day royal, 5 day royal with a balcony, 5 day Carnival (just to see if I like it... or do I wait for a different time to branch out). Same ports I've visited, different itineraries... How does everyone keep their thoughts straight with the excitement of planning?!?