they are called ; Affinity Cards.   You have probably received e-mails telling you how you can earn points towards your vacation on your favourite cruise line.    I got one this morning from Norwegian.   Wink

Just for $hitz & Giggles, I decided to look at the rates. Surprised   O. M.  G !!!!!!

First of all, the opening rate is determined by your credit worthiness. Anywhere from 12.99%-22.99% !!!!!!!!!   If you are late, it can shoot up to ( sit down for this )......29.99% !!

AngryAngryAngry      30% interest if you're late.    That means, if you buy $100 worth of t-shirts on the ship, it will actually be $130 on your statement !!!!!!!!


People, avoid these offers.   Tempting as they are, they aren't worth it.  Forget about those bonus points.   If you do use a credit card, shop around for a better rate.  Like, maybe from the guy in that back alley.   He'll only break your arm. Once.