First problem was having HIGH expectations. never have any expectations for things change daily due to weather, and the Itinerary of the ship can change. This can bring on many changes in a person, first of we get mad and we feel we lost out on something , but if we learn to take things in stride and be patient and learn to go with the flow and learn to relax and enjoy what is in front of us a cruise can be a very enjoyable experience, I have cruised many times and I never have once had a complaint, yes there are times the food has been no to par, but you go around and find something you like, that's why its a buffet, you cant say there isn't something for everyone. I mainly sail Carnival but I am sure other ships are the same. I am not nickel and dimed on Carnival either, I pay one price before I enter the ship and I am done except my excursions and that's on me. So I am sorry you had a bad cruise, but give another line a try and maybe it will be better and never make your first cruise a HOLIDAY one...what where you thinking, it is there busy over crowed time with kids, same as spring break. go on off season kids in school cheaper rates, much more relaxing.