"They require you to leave your luggage out the night before you disembark, so how are you supposed to shower and get dressed the day you leave?". If you have been on 4 - 6 cruises as you state in your profile, you would know this is the norm across ALL cruise lines unless you do self disembark where you carry off your luggage yourself. All you have to do is keep out the clothes you are going to wear when you disembark before closing your suitcases and put the day before clothes in your carry on luggage. It's really NOT that difficult to figure out!! It may be true that you had a poor experience but most of your comments sound as though you are just one of those passengers that can't be pleased no matter what. $3.50 for water, the norm. Unsupervised kids being obnoxious, the norm. Buffet being busy, the norm. I could go on but why bother. With 4 - 6 cruises experience, you should have been aware of these possibilities. I am!!