On my recent B2B, I frequented the casino a lot during the first three sea days when I was traveling solo.  Much to my surprise, the casino host was not only unfriendly, she was down right rude. I was entitled to a $250 cash credit from a previous cruise and after 3 days, they still couldn't or wouldn't locate the offer. The host became very sarcastic and condescending to me and I lost it.  The casino manager became involved and apologized profusely, talked to other employees who had witnessed the rudeness and spent the next five days comping my son drinks, sending us to Crown Grill etc. The host approached me later and yelled at me that she was going to lose her job because of me.  I said no, if you lose your job it's because you have the people skills of a gnat.  First time ever on a cruise that I experienced a really bad employee.