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I think we may have discussed this before, or at least touched on it. But here goes.

Same cruise = 5 different reviews

Different countries= different people.

I read in the reviews a lot of different views " which is ok" but ranging from1 star to 5 for the same time frame, same deck same restaurants.  Really...

Gee.. the water is cold in December? really.

" I loved the costa ship, but not the European staff".... really   you are in Europe--twit.

How can one politely answer some of these folks... because you know as well as I do  you want to answer themWink

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Best answer is no answer therefore no one is offended. Because as soon as I open my mouth my feet gravitate that way and I end up getting athletes foot on my tongue.

having suffered through hoof-in-mouth disease myself, I agree that not replying is the best policy.

(of course that won't stop me from opening a new thread to make fun of some of the dumber commentsBig Smile)

I agree that no comment is better than sarcasm ... you can't fix stupid ....

Sometimes you just have to say what you are thinking.... but you can always say things like "it is remarkable that there were some many non-Europeans while you were in Europe. Or...sure the water was cold but not as cold as the water isn say Colorado. Or... thanks for the warning. I'll remember to schedule our cruise in _____. Just twist it around to make it sound so profound that you couldn't live without that information!Wink

I try starting with "thank you for posting a review". From there, I try to keep my tone in check but you are right, sometimes you just can't because the comments are so inane... sometimes bordering on racist when it comes to different nationalities of crew members. I won't go into the particulars here, but I wonder if the people making those comment realize how racist they sound.

I’m sure Simon can explain it better, but commenting on reviews drives them up in the system and makes it more likely that others will see and believe a review that you think (know?) is unfounded. Sometimes people make mistakes and don’t rate their cruise how they intended, but for the most part it’s how they feel – and that’s okay, they are entitled to their opinion even if it seems ridiculous from the outside.

It’s almost impossible to change how someone feels, no matter how logical and compelling your point may be. In most cases it’s probably best to ignore those reviews and just let them sink into obscurity.

My sister and BiL just got off the PC Regal Princess after a 5 day Canada/New England voyage. They are still raving how wonderful it was... and a lot of people leaving reviews here agree. BUT (big but), there are still less than glowing reviews. Yes, it is hard to understand how the same voyage can be so wonderful for some and so horrible for others, but everyone is entitled to an opinion.

When it comes time to looking at ratings for the purpose of purchasing a cruise (or anything for that matter), I always look at the lowest rated reviews first. I like to figure out if the rating is justified. When someone leaves just a rating and no comments, I do not take it seriously. Also, I tend to think some people do not read the rating scale and might think that the rating 1 means first place or first rate). I have seen plenty of glowing reviews where the person selected a 1 star rating. It is pretty obvious that there was a misunderstanding of the rating scale.

An important reason to look at review ratings more carefully is in order to understand what was important to the rater versus what is important to you. A past cruiser may be hung up on a comedy act or other entertainment being below expectation. If you don't care about entertainment, then you may overlook that rating as it is not important to you.

Sooooo much to say on this topic. Ratings are subjective, using a simple or complex scale, there is a person making the selection and therefore you have to critically analyze the quality of the review, not just the rating selected.

Thats the truth.

At work, I often have to submit written reports. Putting a point that is negative across and still makes a positive point is somewhat important. I just get a bit frustrated while reading some opinions that don't end with progressive solutions.

I'm for sarcasm. One, because everyone is thinking, what are you ? An idiot ? And two, sometimes people need to be told in a way that slaps them in the face. Without, actually, slapping them in the face. And let's be honest, there are some really, ummmmm, strange ? Questions out there. You just have to wonder about someone's thought processes when they ask if they can go fishing off the rear deck, or fly a kite off the rear of the ship. How about a mother who asked if they would drain the pool because her son was practicing for a skateboard competition ( asked on Funville ). Do you really want to say nothing, or a simple no ? I won't get into the now infamous, " rice cooker query ".

It's like when someone giving directions tells you, make a left at the last light in town. Well, how do you know when you get to the last light in town ? When you get to the destination, you just can't help but give a silly look that says, gee......thanks for the stupid directions.

I'm from northern NJ, and when someone asks directions, we just say, it's up the road a bit. Now, we know what we mean, but, we could be telling you how to get to the nearest gas station, or, Ohio. " go west on 80, cross the Gap into Pa, and Ohio is just up the road a bit. ". ??????? Huh ????????? Really ??????? This phrase almost came back to bite me in the a$$ one day. My wife and I were staying at a B&B in south jersey, and we asked for directions to a recommended restaurant. Sure enough, at the end of some general turn left here, turn right there, she said " and it's just up the road "......well, my wife was halfway out the door and I stopped and said " hold on......I know what that means..I give out those same directions....I could end up in Rhode Island, can I have something a little easier to follow ? ". The woman just burst out laughing. Point is, it's a stupid way to give directions. And I know when people get lost they're cursing me out.

Well that was a freaky tangent. Sorry. Not sure how that happened. Oh well. I'm tired.


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