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I have noticed more and more reviews getting nasty comments and the OP being called names because they gave a bad review. A review is just the OP's opinion of the what they though of the cruise, If it is not your opinion, no need to argue and call then names or say they work for a different Cruise Line.

If I posted a bad review and got some of the nasty comments that I have read, I would not post another review. People are here for fun and to learn, not to get picked on for not agreeing with you. I have gotten rude comments from some users because I have stated a cruise line that IMO has bad food and bad service in the MDR but others posters like that line and attack me for giving my opinion.

What do you think of having comments to Reviews ?

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Comments to reviews are helpful in giving a balanced overview of a cruiseline/ship/itinerary. Our least favorite ship was the Carnival Triumph, but she is a favorite for lots of other cruisers. I gave a short review on FV, and other members posted differing opinions without discounting my experiences. That was helpful, and although she will never be our first choice for a cruise, it's nice to know that some of our experiences aren't the norm.

IMO, there is never a place for rudeness and disrespect, but civil discussions are the reason I enjoy this forum so much.

When someone would post something negative on FV, they would get slammed as whiners by the Carnival cheerleaders. It was known that I was not a huge fan of Carnival, and told by several members that I should just leave. Jokes on them, FV left us.

When you write a review, it has to be worded correctly. Example : our trip on the Voyager of the Seas was less than wonderful. The food was salty, overcooked, and unimaginative. Except for Portofinos which was excellent. The stores were poorly stocked.....yadayadayada........ I would expect some people to disagree, but, when were you on that ship ? A week ago ? A month ago? a year ago ? I can only tell you what happened to us, last week.

Too often, a poster will writ things like, oh, I just got off the Dawn. The food on Norwegian is terrible. Worst dining at sea. Avoid NCL unless you want to lose weight.

So, they condemn the entire CruiseLine because they had a bad week ?

More often than not, negative reviews are just one persons complaint. I have read polar opposite reviews from people on the same cruise. Which one do you believe ? Here is how I see it. No cruise is perfect. Most reviews should be mixed. Good food / bad show. Bad food / good casino. Whatever. Maybe your expectations were too high. I seldom review cruises anymore except for posting positives. Negatives, I chalk up to a bad week.

I used to hate it on FV when someone would write " Carnival is the best cruise line out there. Why look at any other line ?! ". In the mean time, they have never cruised with anyone else, so, they really don't know.

Reviews are not supposed to be opinions. They are supposed to be unbiased. Of course in the real world, that doesn't happen. We let our angst do the negative review, and our joy do the positive aspects.

Though often accused of it, I don't think I have ever slammed a cruise line. I will say things like, the number one reason people choose Carnival is price. I have been called a Norwegian lover. Well, we do like NCL for many reasons. Truth is, the main reason we sail Norwegian so often?......they leave from NY year round! They do a 10 day Caribbean in February. Carnival would only go to Nassau for 7 day cruises. So, by default, we found ourselves gaining nights and attaining Platinum status on Norwegian. Oh we could drive to NJ to pick up Royal or Celebrity, but why ? NCL treats us well. We love Celebrity, but they are more pricey. Royal ? Too many kids on too large a ship.

Again, reviews are supposed to be unbiased. You aren't supposed to let emotions guide the review.

There is no need to get nasty in response to other posters. I disagree with many opinions everywhere, but being civil doesn't cost anything.

We have been on many ships multiple times and each experience is different. Sometime the food is a notch above normal and sometimes below par. So when giving a review I try to keep the negatives to minimum as it could have just bad luck on my part. But the I go through life with a bit of a "Pollyanna" attitude.

Sorry to hear some people are being negative and "mean" to those who post an honest review.

I agree, the reason I left the other site was people would get rude one nasty over the smallest things.

Cruisers are losers. The ships are old and the food SUCKS. Lousy kids all over the place. People talking to me all sucks. To much money and the ports are disgusting and full of scum and criminals. I LOVE EVERY SECOND OF IT!😜

Every passenger on every cruise has different expectations out of the same cruise. One time on RCI I had a great cruise, good cabin, good steward and I had a blast. My buddy was in a different cabin, he had backing up shower, slow draining sick, TV remote did not work, the A/C was not good in his cabin and trouble with the S&S card opening the door. When he went to the desk they said they would get him a new S&S card, They left it in his door so anyone could have opened his cabin and gone in. His room steward was useless and did not get anything fixed for him, she did not leave him a cruise review card at the end of the trip.

Same cruise I would have given it 5 stars, he would have gave it 2 stars. This does not mean that he was wrong in his review, his review would be accurate for what he ran into, my review would have reflected what I ran into.

The rude and nasty remarks I noticed are only when it is a bad review. I do not see long arguments and name calling for good reviews.

I like reading the reviews to see the different experiences people have on the ship we are planning to be on. When I posted some comments on FV regarding our experience with the American Table menu, when it was first being tried on a few ships, a longtime member of FV actually called me a liar. He had not been on the ship but didn't believe my comments. Another respected member of the forum replied that my experience was the same as his and he was on the ship the week following me. There's no need for disrespect, nastiness or name calling, especially since one person's experience is completely different from another's.


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