How long have you been a cruise ship Captain in order for you to make the decision that "He had plenty of time to meet his emergency AND ALSO GO TO TRACY ARM."? That is like saying a surgeon took too long for his procedure. You DO NOT know what was involved in the EVAC!! This was your first cruise and seems as though you feel you mastered Cruising already!! And by the way, what was the med emergency? Was it an at sea EVAC? Sure your really upset that the passenger had the audacity to get sick on YOUR ship! "Arbitrarily decided"? There IS a time window for docking and pilot acquisition. How long did the EVAC take?  We had one (at sea) on a trans-Atlantic this past April that took about 3 hours in total and our itinerary was affected. We received an OBC for the missed port. Call your cruise agent (or whoever you booked the cruise through) because I can almost guarantee that if you didn't receive the port taxes (for the missed port) as an OBC (oh, sorry...On Board Credit) on board as we did, it will be refunded to the credit card you booked the cruise on. The Captains MAIN responsibility was to the injured passenger and NOT to your self-centered, "it's all about ME" attitude. As for the children and alcohol issue, you should have read reviews and researched better PRIOR to booking your cruise. Groups do have a right to book cruises AND bring their families to INCLUDE kids...sorry!!! NO cruise lines allow you to bring alcohol onboard with the exception of Princess that allows you to buy from them prior to the cruise and you can keep it in your cabin for the entire cruise. Better luck next time....ON LAND!!!!