I would avoid this ship? Why? A dirty cabin, a disinterested hotel staff, one of whom came to the cabin unannounced a about 10pm mid-cruise to argue and middle of the road food and entertainment!

It all started at embarkation, when the "security" people would not allow my UL listed power strips on board. When I complained on the ship they gave me two long extension cables, both handmade and unsafe by UL standards. As I wanted to use my very limited battery life laptop on the room balcony and needed three outlets, the cables would not work. They could not explain why UL listed power strips were unacceptable, but hand-made replacements were.

The room was dirty. I had to write the word "DIRT" in the dirt to get their attention. The bathroom flooded as they hadn't checked the drain. The A/C wasn't working properly... it took five calls to get them to fix it.

The food was good on the upper buffet deck, but mediocre with very slow service in the restaurants.

All in all a disastrous trip. Avoid this ship as they don't appear to care and just get by. They need to be sold to Carnival, where with a little effort they would reach Carnival's standards.

A dud.