Hey Guys,

i just won a raffle and will go on my first caribbean Cruise with Celebrity Reflection, i have read through the FAQ but still have some open questions and hope someone can afford the time to help me get some answers :)

1.) So if i understand right the Sea-Pass Card will be covered by my credit card and then used on board for everything that costs money... So when will be the money deducted from my card, through the final bill when i leave? How does that work and what amount will be reserved on my card when i get the Sea Pass Card on the first day? 

2.) I already saw that WiFi costs a lot of money, if i buy a package is WiFi access available all over the ship and can you add more then one device in a package? (So get one big package for me and my girl)

3.) The Fortunes casino: I saw that there is an ATM there, so that means i can play with Cash on all the Machines, what is with cashouts? If i want to cashout when i leave the casino do i get it CASH? I like to only use cash when having my casino time :) 

4.) Fortunes Casino: What are the bet sizes on the video slot machines? I like to vary bets between 1-3$ is there a good mix of machines?
-> Is the casino open 24/7?

5.) If there's a formal night on ship it only applies to the main restaurant, and of course always the smart casual for the specialty restaurants, but if i go to a buffet restaurant or to other part sof the ship i can still move around casual?

Thanks a lot for your help :)