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No luggage for 4 days

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Interesting concerns about the luggage. While certainly no excuse for the behavior on the part of the cruise line, I am not aware that luggage handling in port was the lines problem. It is usually the ports' problem. If I ever check my luggage for flights or other trips I always have a change of clothes and all my meds in a carry on . Just safer that way.

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With all due respect, for someone that has been on 4-6 cruises, you should be aware by now that having your meds, a change of clothes as well as any other necessities in a carry-on bag as well as tip money for the porters is essential! From the curb to the ship, the cruise line has NO control over your luggage. It is the Port Operations that handle your luggage until it is onboard. Being argumentative with the crew for something they had no control over is absurd! You got $700 from the cruise line for something that wasn't their fault. Comparing an airline (which IS responsible for your luggage) to a cruise line (which isn't until it is onboard) makes no sense. You could have avoided not having luggage tags and have gotten your boarding passes SIMPLY by going to the Celebrity website, clicking on "Already Booked" and going to "online Check-in".

I can see how you would not enjoy the vacation you were hoping for.

JohnGold is correct in that anything that happens at the port (ie the luggage being loaded incorrectly) is the fault of the port workers, not the ship.

That (in my own opinion, at any rate) does not excuse the flippancy of the crew.

As I have a Celebrity Alaska cruise coming up (Solstice), I only hope that it was simply a one-time case.

I appreciate the comments, and to Kknorr0320, no, we did not see the other ship until after we dropped off our luggage. ‚ CruisinTim, you are exactly right, we should have had cash (it was a strange situation that we didn't) and I should have had a change of clothes and my supplies (not meds), and from now on will make sure both things happen.‚ But 4 days worth of what I needed would not fit into a carry-on (supplies, clothes, shoes,hair, makeup), so I still would have been screwed. But you are wrong about going online the day before to get the luggage tags--we tried to do that and Celebrity told us it was too late, and that we would have to get them at the loading dock from the porter.‚ And the point really is that we made them aware an hour BEFORE we left the dock that it was crucial that we had our luggage, or we needed to disembark, and we were told that all was fine and that it was on board--THAT was negligence on the part of the concierge and Celebrity, and then to be brushed off (I was not offered the $700, I had to fight for it) and told if I went above her head, she was taking away what she previously offered--that is unacceptable!!!‚ The comparison with Southwest has nothing to do with handling luggage--it has to do with how they treat their customers when there is a problem, whether it is their fault or not..

For a Caribbean cruise, it may be easier to pack a few days of clothes and your BAH/med supplies, but for an Alaska cruise, I can see how that could be difficult. Like BDRebel, I am looking into cruises to Alaska, and heard that Celebrity is the best/better line so I've been considering them. I usually do RCI, but have been considering Celebrity given the rave reviews, and hope this was a one off time with your experience.
I can empathize with the porters and dirty looks. I was traveling with my BF and his parents so there were 4 of us. My BF's father tipped the porter, but when my BF and I placed the luggage down, he expected us to tip as well and my BF shot back with the fact his dad had tipped him. Regardless, it is not right for them to do anything to peoples property out of spite, and I hope it was an honest mistake. I am taking a risk with a guaranteed room, knowing the room can be assigned up to the day of the cruising. Makes me nervous, but I was looking for a decent deal on a budget.

"hygene kit (which includes a toothbrush, toothpaste, shaving cream a razor and deodorant, three items of which I have no use for)"

So by process of elimination, you either had nasty breath, smelly arm pits or hairy legs or a combination of the lot? Sorry I just could not resist that! LOL

I agree that having sailed previously, you should have known that you need luggage tags. As well, a seasoned cruiser always plans for the what ifs and carrys a change of clothing and medications in a carry on.

I am sorry to hear you had a miserable time. Perhaps next time will be better for you?

I was thinking the same thing, but I figured that the OP had already had a horrible dayBig Smile

I always carry my luggage on myself for years and years. ‚ One time I saw the crew tossing bags down the stairs on a ship. ‚ Between that and my bag sitting in the hall until‚ I put it in the room where anybody can carry it away, ‚ I'd rather carry on myself and know it gets to my cabin‚ with me.

askeegan--FYI, not everyone has smelly armpits, even without deodorant, and not everyone has hairy legs, so through the process of elimination, you should be able to figure out that my breath smelled great :-)

Sorry you had a problem with your luggage. ‚ Cruising is not the luxury vacation it used to be. The cache is gone. Ships are getting larger, carrying more passengers, charging less and making it up on volume and premium activities which have charges attached. ‚ We used to save for an entire year to afford a cruise. Now I can almost pay for one with what I bring home in a week. ‚ And it's not because I earn so much either. ‚ ‚ Customer service has suffered, along with everything else. ‚ They don't care. Why should they. ‚ Most people return regardless of a bad experience. ‚ I'll bet anything you book an RCCL cruise. ‚ Guess what ? They own Celebrity. ‚ Carnival Corp, owns what ? 75% of the ships out there ? ‚ Sooner or later the bubble on the cruise industry is going to burst. ‚ Huge ships will sail half empty. ‚ Because even at a low price, if you lose your job, that cruise you booked gets cancelled. ‚ And a lot of people are losing jobs. ‚ It's cyclical though. ‚ But I give it maybe.........5-10 years before earning plummet. ‚ ‚ And I think one line will cease operations.

LOL merely meant in light hearted humor!


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