First off, Semper Fi Staff Sargeant from a 12 year Veteran of the Army. I feel that when you first noticed the blood on the wall, that should have sent up a flag as a NO-GO! You should have addressed that immediately. I copy you were having a good time (much deserved) but needed to act on it then, not mention it 3 days later. Keep in mind that the bed bugs, since you only saw them on day 3 walked over to your cabin from another cabin since bed bugs are carried onboard by other passengers. I assume you had no bites on your bodies at that point? I know you weren't happy with the cabin you were moved to but when a ship sails, they have little to choose from as most sailings are at capacity. The fact that the crew pretty much blew off the situation needs to be addressed. Write a letter to corporate about the situation. May be awhile before you get an answer but they usually offer some incentive to sail with them again in the way of OBC (on-board credit). Thank your for your on!