Do you find the table games in ships casinos more or less friendly ?  What I mean is, years ago, you sat at, say, a Caribbean Stud Poker table.  Everyone would talk and joke about the cruise, the losses, the near, it seems as everyone keeps to themselves.  Not a lot of conversation goes on anymore.  On our last cruise I played some 3 card poker. I can't sit for long periods, so when I tried to stand and play, just for a little while, I was told I couldn't do that.  I explained the situation to no avail so I left.  The next nite, I sat down again, and one of the players from the previous night started talking to me about the incident.  We joked a bit, but no one else said a thing.  It was strange. Normally, everyone else would have chimed in about similar experiences, or something. Nuthin'. Silence. 

I was wondering if anyone else noticed the change in atmosphere in the casino.