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Going on my first cruise in April 2019. I'm a Gambler, I would like to know do you put money in a slot machine. What approx money do you need to spend before you can go on a free cruise. How is this done. Use my key card i was told, and something about "Crown and Anchor" card. i was told i do not get this card until after my cruise. Points are accumulated ? Any info will be very helpful. Thanks In Advance!!Happy

P/S is it smokey in the casino??

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The slot machines do take cash (or electronic withdrawal from your onboard account using your sail and sign card).

In my opinion, it would be cheaper to purchase a cruise than to try to get one off the casino points Big Smile. Then again, I don't have a lot of luck there.

The Crown and Anchor Card is the sail and sign card. You will receive it when you board. It will be your room key, as well as your charge card on board. You cannot use cash on board (except in the casino) so all purchases are charged to your on board account.

On other lines you get one point for every three dollars that go through the machine (regardless of how much you win or lose).

If the line allows smoking in the casino (RCL does) then it is probably the only interior area that allows smoking. You will find many smokers lighting up, and the ships are not known for having great ventilation systems.

(Full disclosure - I have not been on an RCI ship, however the facts stated above are pretty universal. The casinos are not run by the ship, but by a contractor, so everything is pretty steady across the board)

Last cruise on BREAKAWAY our next door neighbors had a sign on their door about their exalted status with CAESARS..VIP status...they didn't have enough coffee cups one AM, so we gave em one of ours..adjoining balcony...after a few days we got into a conversation right after the emergency evac...she asked how much these balconies cost...told em what ours cost..midships, 14th deck...her eyes kinda bulged...seemed shocked...I said "you think that's a lot?" (I was surprised she had no clue...or claimed to..)..she said "No, that's pretty cheap, considering how much we had to play to get this one..."...never discussed packages or perks or anything..take that wife and I both worked in those joints...I'd rather PAY for them outright...way cheaper...and as far as smoke goes...we've been on several lines...the one thing the casinos ALL have in common..they matter if they claim to have a non smoking section. BREAKAWAY'S NOODLE BAR is located right next to the casino...we always eat at one of them on other ships...not this time...

The casino can set up your card.

Just got off the Brilliance a week or so ago, I could not figure out how to get the casino to get funds from my accountant could I get any to answer the call for service. I liked it this way so instead of spend. $400 in the casino as we budgrted, we only spent $40, since we had to use paper currency.

So you actually came out $360 ahead??? good for you. that's one way.

Thank you cruisers for answering me, but what do you think or do any of the Gamblers here know how much do you need to gamble to get a free cruise. How many cruises do you think i would have to go on for me to get a free cruise. I have spoke to some .........not too close "friends" that told me........" I never pay for any cruise" just the taxes and etc........but never for a cruise. Hmmmm Surprised

Im not going to do the math for you, but it isn't the # of cruises...nor is it your projected/win loss...its a lil something called "coin in" if you're a slots player. and its well known that the slot payout to captive "players" and their schemes to beat the computer chips that run the machines, fail miserably on land, and its worse onboard. Table games are computed differently, and it'd take so much typing my fingers would hurt. We knew MANY "gamblers" who would brag about their wins, making a living gambling, getting flights, rooms, meals, limos..etc...they didn't know that we could track their play any time we wanted. Or look at their credit reports...Good thing you put the word "friends" in quotes. True gamblers don't do it for the $$...they need the action...and we should thank them, one and all..profusely.

lol very good point!

lol very good point!

YEH well, that leads into the whole silliness about "house money" as in its ok to lose it because it was "theirs" of the biggest laffs insiders (back of the house mgmt), pit bosses, dealers, and "true gamblers" have, constantly, is when wannabees and other whales lose all their winnings on the theory its "house money"...its not..its in YOUR stack, or up on the credit line...that makes it YOURS..all you have to do is cash out...walk away....nope, doesn't work that way. want to see how fast you can lose it back, PLUS? just sit there...greed kills. "They" know you can't. and besides, this way you can brag to your friends about how much you win...ALL the in "they NEVER pay for cruises"...sure "they" do....many times over....the casino doesn't even care if you win occasionally...all they want is your patronage...that billion dollar hotel up there? It surely wasn't built on YOUR winnings.

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