Just so you know Robyn, RCCL also forces everyone in the cabin to purchase the drink package it's not just Carnival. I wanted to get the package just for me on our May 2013 sailing on the Jewel of the Seas (our 1st cruise with RCCL) and was told she had to buy it as well. I explained my wife does not and never had been interested in alcohol and they told me what they told you. She needs a note from a doctor. A doctor will not issue a note saying the person doesn't like to drink! Needless to say, I didn't buy the package. Royal Caribbean stated that this is to keep people from getting free drinks for others in their cabin. Well, how does that keep others you are with staying in other cabins from getting you a free drink if they have the package? Same thing for the unlimited soda package. My wife could buy it for herself yet that's OK? What keeps her from getting a free soda for me when I don't have the soda package? I guess I just don't get their reason!