So your basing your 1 star SOLELY on the fact the shows were bad? Really? Is that all you went on the cruise for? There is so much more to experience on cruises other than shows. We haven't gone to many of the onboard shows in the last 12 cruises we have been on and haven't been bored.You have been on one cruise only so you really don't have much to compare it to. Other than you rants about the poor shows, it sounds as though the rest of your cruise went OK so I don't feel this review is deserving of only one star. And as for the price you paid and the fact you requested double beds, getting the right price is nothing more than shopping around and even signing up for the "Price Alerts" here on this site. The bed situation could have been remedied onboard by your cabin steward if you had asked. You can request for the beds to be separated (double) or they can push them together to make one queen size bed.