As for your take on the quality of the food, I can accept that. As for your TYPING EVERYTHING IN CAPS, NO. If your referring to the comment of "AND THE THING ABOUT HAVING 4000 PEOPLE STANDING ON THE DECK FOR OVER A HALF HOUR HAS NO ACTUAL WORD TO DESCRIBE IT. ALL  I CAN SAY THAT WAS REALLY HORRIBLE AND BEYOND REPROACH." as your review of the muster drill, you should know if you have cruised before, this is NOT an option as it is REQUIRED by the Coast Guard and EVERY cruise ship MUST have a muster drill. You then go on to state " THE SHOWS WERE NOT TOO GOOD EITHER." yet you also post that "THE LIVE BAND ON PROMENADE DECK AND THE COMEDY SHOWS WERE PRETTY GOOD I MUST SAY THAT GUY AL ROMERO WAS HILARIOUS.". Sorry, not a good review.