Hi Chris. Sorry you weren't happy with your first cruise and I would like to point out a few things before you swear off cruises. The sour cream and blue cheese dressing being watered down is an indication it was sitting at room temperature too long. You can have always requested more that was fresh. As for the Lobster, Steak & Fish, you could have always requested another or ordered something different from the menu. The Caesar salad smelling like fish? Why did you even eat it without requesting another?  The activity "sales pitches" you will find on just about any other cruise ship if you choose to participate in that activity. I am not making excuses for what you found to be short-comings but try to realize that the dining staff are feeding over 1000 passengers and things like this may happen. But always remember, you can always ask for another fresh entree if your not happy with what they bring you or heck, even a 2nd if you like what they bring you.