First off let me inform you that the Sensation is 22 years old. And any ship you cruise that is that old will only have one 110 outlet in the cabin. Many newer vessels only have one outlet as well. Why would you book a sailing during Spring Break and NOT expect to find College kids on one of the "Fun Ships"?  As for the lady that was celebrating her birthday and they got to it a day late, been there, done that on an RCCL ship. RCCL didn't recognize our Anniversary even though I told RCCL about it and indicated it in our online check-in.  Did it ruin my cruise? NO! You did mention that you had sailed on NCL in the past but didn't say if you had ever sailed Carnival before this so I will assume not. If that is the case, I feel you are being a bit closed minded in your statement of "I would not recommend Carnival Cruise Line to anyone." after only one sailing with Carnival with a few post mentions of disappointment (even though it was another "Lady's birthday, not yours).  I have sailed on Carnival 5 out of my last 10 cruises and even though some cruise had some bumps, those bumps didn't ruin my cruise. May I recommend that you do a bit more research such as reading reviews PRIOR to booking your next cruise. That "may" help!!