Your review is a bit confusing but I will try to iron out things I could understand (with some questions). First, the questions.... " if they run late it cost us not them."? What does that mean? " boarding passes can't be printed before boarding "? Sure they can, from the check-in procedure prior to sailing at the Carnival website. Boarding time taking 2+ hours is really not that unusual depending on what time you arrive at the pier. Taking an hour to debark in Jamaica (as with any other foreign port) has to do with their local Customs agency. You don't get off until Jamaica Customs say you do. You keep mentioning your boarding passes not being able to be printed, even when you were onboard. I am thinking your talking about your Airline boarding passes. This is not the cruiselines responsibility. You could have done that prior to the cruise or just went to the airlines counter at the airport. Final question, what did your final bill show as the reason for the $30.00 surcharge?