Good review raven! And I agree, having to purchase the beverage plan for EVERYONE in the cabin is insane. RCCL wanted to do this with us a couple of years ago. I wanted the package but since my wife doesn't drink (and never has), I only wanted it for myself. RCCL said they only way for her to opt-out and allow only me to get it would be for her to secure a note from a doctor stating her health doesn't allow her to drink. WHAT??? It's not because of her health, it just that she doesn't drink!!! We've been together for 27 years and she has never had a drink. Just doesn't appeal to her. Needless to say, I squashed the plan and paid as I drank. They probably lost money on their bad idea because I don't drink that much to begin with. So it's not just Carnival that has this stupid plan.