Not to put salt on your wound about this cruise but I would like to point out a couple of things. Carnival has ABSOLUTELY no control over U.S. Customs. So, if they were the reason the Paradise was delayed in boarding, it's on Customs, not Carnival. The ship would not be permitted to leave port until Customs clears them to do so. Them forcing you to leave your dinner for the Muster drill, as required by the U.S. Coast Guard is ALSO not on Carnival. This is a maritime regulation that MUST be performed as part of the sailing, no if's, and's or but's about it! You could have always ordered cabin service for food. There is ALWAYS food to be found on cruise ships. Being held in Port until 3am, (also not under Carnivals control) that is under the control of the Tampa harbor master, if he say's the ship isn't cleared to leave for what ever reason, the Paradise doesn't go. As for your itinerary change, good thing you didn't get off the ship because I can guarantee you you would get NO refund for YOU cancelling your cruise after you had already boarded. I'm sure you got a refund for your cancelled snorkeling excursion especially if you booked it through Carnival. These excursions are run by 3rd parties at that port-of-call and it was THEM that cancelled the excursion, not Carnival. It's unfortunate that many events took place that caused you much disappointment on your cruise, but the reasons are NOT the fault of Carnival, just unfortunate luck. Hope your next cruise meets your expectations better.