Being from South Texas, I find the Port Galveston the most convenient to travel from.

Currently, only three lines depart from Galveston -- Disney, RCI and Carnival.

Disney is too expensive for me, and I am about 40 years too old to find the passenger base comforting. I have sailed on Carnival several times, and find it enjoyable, but a bit too "high energy" (late night loud partying, millennial attitude amongst many of the passengers, etc). That being said, I will still sail this line.

I have never been on RCI. I have read reviews of this line, and studied the "Smackdown" posted elsewhere on this site, but still do not know how RCI compares to Carnival.

How do the cabins (specifically the standard balconies) compare? How does the "nickel and diming" compare -- how much of the alternative eateries are premium (extra cost)? What is the passenger base like?

I am looking for something between super-high energy (Carnival) and a blissfully Zen (Princess) experience that doesn't have loads of extra costs.