Hi Ethel,

I'm so happy to read that you had a wonderful time on this cruise.  The cruise staffs have always been top notch and I am sure, just from the sound of your post, that you are a nice person and they probably appreciated your treatment!  My husband and I will be doing the Hawaii cruise departing on January 16.  I am surprised that in some articles they state that the Miracle was refurbished 4 years ago, but my understanding is that it was just done in 2015.  How did you like all the new amenities?


How was the weather once you got to Hawaii?  Did you get any choppy seas during the sea days?  Did you do any of the excursions and if so, which would you recommend or not?  What was the basic make up of the passengers... age?  Many children?  How was the quality of food and the selection?  And one last question, how were the sea days as far as finding seating and lounge chairs around the pool and other areas of the ship as well as the wait in lines at meal times?  Thanks for any comments!


This is our second Hawaiian cruise with Carnival.  The last was on the Splendor, but I'm looking forward to the experience of sailing on the Miracle.


What a great idea to take gifts along for the crew!  Thanks for that tip!