You really need to take a look at your "review" before saying the staff was rude. It seems like just because you have reach platinum level that you should have people hand feed you everything. You are really no better than anybody else that cruises, just get a few added perks. It seems as if you went out to purposely seek out negative things about your experience just to start some drama. I bet the only reason you reached platinum level is because you try and complain about everything hoping that Carnival will give you credits for free or discounted cruises. I highly doubt that there were holes in the towels and stains all over the place. This is one of the newer ships they have. I've been on some of the oldest ships they have that look to be in great condition. Maybe next time you should stay at home. It would make the cruise much better for the people who actually enjoy going off on them without people like you who complain the whole time you're there.